National Juneteenth Observance Foundation
                         Celebration of Freedom


National Juneteenth Observance Foundation


National Juneteenth Parade Commission
Andrew Williams, Jr., Chair
Los Angeles, CA

National Juneteenth Negro Baseball League Commission
Thomas English, Chair
St. Petersburg, FL
web site:

National Juneteenth Republican Legacy Commission
Pastor Iverson Jackson, Chair
African American Coalition Republican Party of Arkansas
Little Rock, AR

National Juneteenth African American Museums Commission
Rosetta Funches, Chair
OK Black Museum & Performing Arts Center (OBMAPAC)
Oklahoma City, OK
web site:

National Juneteenth Theatrical Commission
Sheri Bailey, Chair
Virginia Juneteenth State Director
Hampton, VA

National Juneteenth Youth Commission
Octavianus Smith, Chair
Hampton, VA 

National Juneteenth Reparations Commission
Dr. Anne Bailey, Chair
Dept. of Africana Studies
Binghamton, NY

National Juneteenth Poetry Commission
Coffee Wright, Chair
St. Louis Juneteenth Celebration
web site:

National Juneteenth Bike Commission
Lee Jordan, Chair
Minneapolis, MN
web site:!contact/jfehq                  

National Juneteenth Media Commission

National Juneteenth Medical Commission
Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D., Acting Chair
Myers Foundation
Belzoni, MS

web site: 

National Juneteenth Sickle Cell Bone Marrow & Cord Blood Commission
Nita Thompson, Chair
African American Blood Drive & Bone Marrow Registry for Sickle Cell Awareness
Inglewood, CA
web sites:

National Juneteenth Tea Cake Commission
Etha Robinson, Chair
Los Angeles, CA
web site:

National Juneteenth Film Commission
Lee Jordan, Chair
Minneapolis, MN
web site:

National Juneteenth Africa Diaspora Tourism Commission
Kitty Pope, Chair
Atlanta, GA
web site:

National Juneteenth Grass Roots Enslavement Legacy Commission
Calvin Pearson, Chair
Project 1619, Inc.
Hampton, VA
web site:

National Juneteenth Bar-b-que Commission
Robert Newton, Chair
Smokehouse Bob's Bar-b-que Restaurant
Muskogee, OK
web site:

National Juneteenth Jazz Radio Commission
Dr. Roland Holmes, Chair
Lake Forest, CA
web site:

National Juneteenth Flag Raising Commission
Saeed Mustafa, Chair
Laura Lanier Veterans Juneteenth Celebration
Hudson Valley, NY
web site:

National Juneteenth Legacy Protection & Preservation Commission
Linda Morgan, Chair
Long Beach, CA
web site: 

National Juneteenth Cosmotology Commission
John Thompson, Chair
Ontario, CA
web site:

National Juneteenth Dance Commission
Ann Walker, Chair
Katherine Dunham Centers for Arts and Humanities
Freedom Trails, Legacies of Hope
East St. Louis, IL
web sites:

National Juneteenth Technology Commission

National Juneteenth HBCU Commission

National Juneteenth Benjamin Bannaker Commission

Peggy Seats, Chair
Washington Interdependence Council
Washington, DC
web site:

 National Juneteenth Armed Services Commission
Bishop Dave Thomas, Chair
Anchorage, AK


National Juneteenth Pain Patients Commission
Virginia Brooks, Chair
Greenville, MS

National Juneteenth Education Commission

Dr. Alzo Reddick, Chair
Defense Transition Services
University of Central Florida (UCF)
Orlando, FL

Trudy Coleman, Co-Chair
Juneteenth Education Technology Mobile Arts Center, Inc.
(J.E.T.M.A.C., Inc.)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

National Juneteenth Orchestra Commission

Dr. London Branch, Chair
Former Professor & Director
Jackson State University Orchestra
Jackson, MS

National Juneteenth Visual Arts Commission
Ted Ellis, Chair
Friendswood, TX
web site:

National Juneteenth Tourism Commission
Curtis Faulkner, Chair
St. Louis, MO
web site:

National Juneteenth Economic Development Commission

Robert Moore, Chair
University Center For Economic Development
Mississippi Valley State University
Itta Bena, MS

National Juneteenth Legal Commission

Rev. Jesse C. Brown, Esq., Chair
Marrero, LA
web site:

National Juneteenth Jazz Commission
Manty Ellis, Chair
Milwaukee, WI

National Juneteenth Historical Commission
Mark E. Mitchell, Chair
Fairfax, VA
web site:

National Juneteenth Stamp Commission
Linda Hinnant, Chair
Fort Washington, MD 20744

National Juneteenth Truckers Commission

Tommy Mallett, Chair
Milwaukee, WI

National Juneteenth Black Farmers Commission

Eddie Carthan, Chair
Mississippi Family Farmers
Tchula, MS

National Juneteenth Fish and Wildlife Commission
Dr. Walter Roberts, Chair
Lexington, MS

National Juneteenth 13th Amendment Freedom Week Commission
Kariem Abdul Haqq, Chair
Florissant, MO
web site: