National Juneteenth Observance Foundation
                         Celebration of Freedom


NJOF Initiatives

When a state passes legislation to recognize Juneteenth as a state holiday or state holiday observance, the NJOF works to pass legislation for the creation of a State Juneteenth Commission. 
Through the State Juneteenth Commission, a curriculum is developed to teach the history from slavery to freedom through Juneteenth in the public schools, projects are developed to preserve the history of the legacy of slavery to freedom through the development of historic landmarks, monuments and other key historical programs and Juneteenth Celebrations and Festivals are supported through tourism and economic development resources in the state.
The success of the modern Juneteenth Movement has come through the use of computers.  The use of email, blogs, websites, etc., continues to be the foundation of communication and reaching our goals and objectives. Students and families who do not have convenient access to computers may not be able to fully participate in our Juneteenth efforts.

The NJOF is working through the following initiatives to serve our community and promote the National recognition of Juneteenth through public service. 

         1.  National Juneteenth Holiday Campaign   Read More

         2.  Education - Through our Juneteenth State Commission, Juneteenth Curriculum Development through 
              continuing  education and our computer distribution program. It is the desire of NJOF to procure a computer
              for every  family that does not have computer access.  NJOF provides low cost computers which can found in
              our  Juneteenth Mall.  NJOF is committed to promoting a computer scholarship program that will provide
              computers for deserving families.  
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         3. The Arts - "June Is Black Music Month!" - CELEBRATE JUNETEENTH JAZZ - "Preserving Our African 
             American  Jazz Legacy!" concert series along with Juneteenth Art Exhibits by accomplished and promising 
             African American visual artist.  
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