National Juneteenth Observance Foundation
                         Celebration of Freedom



"Most Americans, black and white, would rather not discuss slavery. As with many
subjects denial is the position most prefer. Whites because of guilt and responsibility,
but blacks for reasons deep seeded in some twisted belief that to be enslaved in
somehow makes you a lesser being." Midnight DJ


National Juneteenth Christian Leadership Council

"18th of June"
(Observed during the week of the celebration of Juneteenth in America)


"A Time to Heal, A Time to Pray"

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The National Christian Leadership Council (NJCLC) is an association of Christian leaders dedicated to promoting racial reconciliation and healing from the legacy of slavery through the observance of Juneteenth



"To promote, support and demonstrate Biblical reconciliation and healing from
the legacy of enslavement through the observance of Juneteenth in America."


Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D., Founder & Chairman
Rev. Jack Gaines, D.D., Director of Reconciliation Ministry
Rev. William Gwynn, Secretary

Clark Jones, Chair
NJCLC Washington Juneteenth Committee
Washington, DC
301-925-0008     301-789-7592

Wilkins Huckabee
(left) Sen. Hank Wilkins, IV, sponsor of SB263 and
(right) former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee


2005 Arkansas Juneteenth State Holiday Bill (SB263) 

"The third Saturday in June shall be known as 'Juneteenth Independence Day' to
commemorate the end of over 200 years of slavery in the United States of America
and to demonstrate racial reconciliation and healing from the legacy of slavery." 


"20th of August"


world    Africa      Reconciliation Statue    Africa    world     
Richmond, VA

Commemorating the date the first slave ship, the White Lion, landed in Virginia at
 Old Point Comfort, today's Fort Monroe, from the shores of West Africa. This occurred on the "latter end of August", 1619,with the arrival of twenty Angolans, America's first middle passage. Our purpose is to seek God in prayer for reconciliation and healing from the legacy of enslavement around the world. 

Reconciliation Prayer Service
Saturday, the "20th of August", 2016, 12:noon
1st Africans Landing Marker
Fort Monroe, VA

Jack Gaines delivered a message on "Biblical Reconciliation"
at the National Juneteenth Prayer Breakfast during the                                         National Day of Reconciliation and Healing From the Legacy of  Enslavement      at the nation's capitol.


"My Brothers Keeper Not My Brothers Killer" (Click to purchase a copy)
by Pastor Jack Gaines


Essence Magazine

Congress Honors Slaves Who Built U.S. Capitol
By Cynthia Gordy     June 17, 2010



President Bush peers through 'The Door of No Return' where
slaves passed through to board ships taking them abroad. (AP)                                                                                                  

USA Today Newspaper
Bush: 'Slavery a Great Crime'
By Associated Press (AP)     July 8, 2003


The remains of Colonial-era buildings, including the house that George Washington lived in when he was president, are exposed at an archaeological dig in front of the Liberty Bell Center, top right, in Philadelphia. Archaeologists have discovered a hidden passageway that was used by Washington's nine slaves. Matt Rourke, Photographer, Associated Press.  MSNBC - Associated Press Slave Passage was found under Washington's home. Hidden passageway was used by George
Washington's nine slaves. Ribina Madan  June 7, 2007

Washington Post

A Senate Apology For History on Lynching
Vote Condemns Past Failure to Act
By Avis Thomas-Lester   June 14, 2005

James Cameron. the oldest known lynching survivor, speaking at a special press conference with members of the U.S. Senate during the week of the observance of Juneteenth, 2005.

Ninety years ago, Anthony P. Crawford, a successful black businessman, was lynched in Abbeville, South Carolina.  Discover why every American should know of his life and death.

Historic Congressional Apology for Slavery

Rev., Dr. Myers seen to the right of Congressman Tony Hall (D-OH) during the historic announcement of legislation for a Congressional Apology for Slavery on "Juneteenth"  6/19/00. This was the first observance of the National Day of
Reconciliation & Healing From the Legacy of Enslavement

Charisma Magazine - U.S. House Member Renews Call for Apology for
by Adrienne S. Gaines    September, 2000

M. Jacques Chirac, right, President of the Republic of France, is shown here with

M. John Agyekum Kufuor, left, the President of the Republic of Ghana in a 2005 meeting.

Westside Story Newspaper
France Commemorates Slavery and Its Abolition As A National Day Of Remembrance
Empire News Network    September 28, 2006

African Leader Atones For the Legacy of Slavery

In 1999 Benin President Mathieu Kérékou called for a historic
gathering of spiritual leaders to atone--to Africans of the Diaspora--for the legacy
of slavery. His intention was to heal his nation of any economic and spiritual famine
caused by slavery, oppression and injustice.
See the history of slavery by clicking the map below:


Orlando Ridout IV, left, a descendant of a slave auctioneer, embraces

Chris Haley, right, a descendant of Kunta Kinte's, and Kunta Kinte Foundation
official Leonard Blackshear.
(Mark Gail -- The Washington Post)

Important Articles

Charisma Magazine
The History America Chose to Forgot
by Valerie G. Lowe     November, 2000

Charisma Magazine
Let Forgiveness Come First
by Jack Gaines     November, 2000

Charisma Magazine
Marchers Apologize for 'African Holocaust'
by Clive Price     March, 2007

Washington Post
The Roots of Reconciliation
by Christian Davenport     September 30, 2004

Charisma Magazine
British Evangelist Treks Across the United States Repenting for Slavery
by Peter K. Johnson     May, 2004

The Washington Times
Somber ceremony marks slavery's end
By Denise Barnes    June 22, 2003

Juneteenth, A Day of Remembrance, Celebration
By Angel Wilson